Saturday, January 22, 2011


This is an autograph of Shawon Dunston that I picked up a little while back.

It's from Upper Deck's 2007 Sweet Spot Classic Signatures series. The autograph is on a piece of wood with a large but unreadable signature But if Dunston was one of my third and fourth graders, he wouldn't be getting a very good grade in handwriting!

The down side of the autograph on wood is that it makes the card too thick, like the Topps 2010 Bat Barrel cards. That also means no decent way to store the card. Like the Topps Bat Barrels, I'm keeping the card in a hinged case. I wish I could keep it in a binder with my other auto and relic cards, but its just too thick.

Duntson was one of my favorite Cubs of the late '80s - early '90's. His rocket arm and fun, playful personality were hard not to like. I'm pleased that I've added his autograph to my collection.

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  1. Nice Dunston autograph... this is one of my favorite autograph sets... especially the bat & glove cards.