Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Stone Pony

Here is another recent addition to my autograph collection, the Stone Pony, pitcher Steve Stone.

It's from Donruss' 2005 Signature Series and features a nice, sharp, legible autograph.

Stone came to the Cubs after the 1974 season from the White Sox as part of the Ron Santo trade. The Cubs had traded Fergie Jenkins and got third baseman Bill Madlock. So when moving Santo, they went for pitching in return. Somehow, I don't think that Steve Stone was going to fill Fergie's shoes.

He was with the Cubs for only three seasons, and then the Cubs let him go as a free agent. Bill Veeck signed him for the Sox as one of his scrap-heap signings (Stone had been hurt for part of 1976)

Stone would return to the Cubs after his playing days, partnering with Harry Caray on WGN-TV in 1983. I liked Stone and Caray together; Harry was the fan, Stone the smart guy. But when Harry died and was replaced by Chip Caray, well, to me it seemed like Stone got a bit full of himself. And Chip was no chip off the block. They both left WGN after the 2004 season (though Stone took a couples years off for health reasons in 2001-2002).

This has to be my favorite Steve Stone card, from SSPC's 1976 set. Look at the fro....he would make Oscar Gamble proud!


  1. Stoney's signature reminds me of his personality.

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