Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oops...One More From 2010

I kinda forgot about this one. But when I recently opened a bubbler mailer, there it was.

It's the nice shiny Starlin Castro Red Hot Rookie Card. Since Topps' flagship series one 2011 cards should be out in a month or so, this should finish me up for Topps 2010.

The Red Hot Rookie card is the 14th Starlin Castro I've added to my collection. That is a lot of cards for a player who joined the team in early May. And I'm sure that this year there will be a whole lot more than fourteen cards for the Cubs shortstop.

If your curious, here are the other thirteen cards. What I like most is that, in a very un-Topps like way, there aren't any pictures repeated on any of the cards (except for the Bowman Chrome and Peak Performance autograph card, which don't really count).


  1. I seem to have a bunch of his cards, but no autos or relics. Is he going to be good?

  2. It sure seems like he could be good, but then again, it was just a few years ago that Cubs fans were all excited about Ronny Cedeno...and that didn't turn out too well.