Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 52 Has Begun

One of my goals for 2011 is to get original 1952 Topps Cubs cards to replace the reprints that I have right now. Well, I'm please to report that my first '52s have arrived!

First off is Hank Sauer. This didn't actually just arrive; this one I've had for about two years. I wanted to have at least one of the real deal back when I was putting my Cubs sets together so I bought this one. But since then, Hank has been pretty lonely, surrounded by a bunch of fake '52s (fake 52" that what you would see in a cheap strip club??). Not any more!

I picked up these cards from the same seller. That kept the shipping costs down...or it let me bid a little higher. Does anyone else do that? I always figure at least $2.50 into the price for shipping. So if I can get combined shipping with several cards, that gives me more to spend on the cards, right?

Roy Smalley, Sr., who would eventually lose his shortstop job to some young kid named Banks. And look at his hat. The C is rounded, just like the C on a Cubs hat today. The problem was, they didn't start wearing a rounded C until 1957. The Topps artist was clairvoyant or something, I guess.

Bob Ramozzotti...his name sounds like something I ordered at the Olive Garden....I'll have the pasta Ramozzotti and keep the salad coming, please.

Bob Usher...Did you know that Bob had Hazel eyes and brown hair? I never realized it until today, but the back of the 52s list hair and eye color. It looks like that was the only year Topps did that.

So that's four down and 24 to go!


  1. Nice pickups! Good luck with the set!


  2. That's an ambitious project. Good luck and keep showing us what you get!