Tuesday, January 25, 2011

T206 Cubs: Johnny Evers

Up next is the second baseman from the famous double play combo, Johnny Evers. Like the other future hall of famers Brown and Chance, Evers was featured in three cards;

The Chicago version

The Cubs version. These first two cards are based on the same photograph, with the artist just changing the uniform.

and the portrait card.

Evers was the scrappy hot head of the team. He had the key role in the "Merkel's Boner" game; his play would eventually give the Cubs the 1908 pennant over the Giants.

Being a part of the double play trio is probably what got Evers into the Hall of Fame. Statistically he was pretty mediocre, having never lead the league in any offensive category. He did lead the league in putouts and assists a couple times, but he was also a two-time leader in errors. So how does a veterans committee see Evers as worthy, but keeps Ron Santo out?

This card is from the team issued Old Style set, given away at Wrigley Field during the 1992 season.

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