Wednesday, January 19, 2011

More '52s Have Arrived

Three more Topps 1952 Cubs have been delivered!

Phil Cavarretta - He was the manager and was still active as a player, though he wrote himself into the lineup only 44 times. The skipper has black hair and gray eyes.

Bruce Edwards - The Cubs' back up catcher has blue eyes and brown hair

Eddie Miksis - He is one of many '52 Cubs that came from the Dodgers. Others include Hatten, Edwards, Leonard, Minner, Ramozzotti, and Ramsdell. Miksis has brown eyes and brown hair.

These three cards get me to the halfway point, fourteen of the twenty-eight Cubs cards.

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  1. Too busy/lazy to check your wantlist but if you need any of these:
    35 Hank Sauer
    114 Willard Ramsdell
    157 Bob Usher
    224 Bruce Edwards
    225 Frank Baumholtz
    holler at me. dayf 13 at teh gmails donchaknow

    oh wait bruce is right up there nevermind on that one