Tuesday, September 28, 2021

2021 Finest Flashbacks Cubs

 The online-only brand Finest Flashbacks returned for a second run.  Year one must have done well as Topps raised the price of a box from last year's $55 to $199.99 for 2021.

The set consists of 220 cards. The first 200 are active players while the last 20 are short-printed retired players.  There are seven Cubs total include on short-print.  

The design mimics the look of the 1994 Finest.  I suppose you could also call Finest Flashbacks "Finest Heritage."  They are doing the same thing that Heritage does with Topps - work the the designs of the original one year at a time.  Last year Flashbacks did the initial Finest release from 1993.  This year they moved on to 1994.  




And doing a little comparison,


here's a 1994 Finest next to a 2021 Flashbacks.

The 2021 Sandberg card has a different design...


because that's what the 1994 Sandberg looked like.

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