Thursday, September 16, 2021

2021 National Baseball Card Day Cubs

 Topps held their annual National Baseball Card Day giveaway on Saturday, August 7.  The cards were available for free from participating hobby shops.  The set consists of 30 cards, one player from each team.

Javy Baez was the featured Cub.

Topps also has team-specific sets that were given away one of the team's home games.  The schedule shows that the Cubs giveaway took place on August 8.  Although that was over a month ago, I have yet to see a single one of the cards listed on Ebay.  I wonder if the giveaway actually happened.  It just seems very odd that none of the cards have shown up.  Anyone know anything else about the team set giveaways?


  1. TCDB lists three cards as being given away - Hoerner, Heyward and Hendricks. I imagine the other two were printed but weren't given out since everyone only got one card (and it wasn't in a wrapper) at the time of entry. So the other two would be either Rizzo, Baez or Bryant I imagine. I've been watching and haven't seen any of these pop up. I imagine those exist, just not distributed. I did go to the Sox game for baseball card day and picked a Luis Robert and was watching those on ebay as well and a couple showed up - but not many. Would expect to see a lot more.

  2. It happened, at least at Dodger Stadium. I just posted the stadium giveaway cards on my blog. There five cards numbered, but No. 2 wasn't issued (probably Bauer).