Monday, September 27, 2021

Five Years of Funky Fire

 This year was the fifth year for Topps Fire.  The concept has been the same for each of the five years, with the base set divided between three different funky designs.  

How funky, you ask. Take a look for yourself.

Each year, not only is the design funky, but so are the name fonts.  Each design has its own font, except for 2019 when the same font was used on all three.

Most years saw the designs use three different main colors.  Yellow is the most popular, showing up in four of the five years.


  1. I just put my Braves (minus 1) in my shopping cart for this year's Fire.

  2. It's cool to see all five years in one post. The 2020 is probably my favorite. I enjoy the 80's vibe it gives off.

  3. kind of like the first 2 years designs - the rest not as much