Saturday, September 30, 2023

Comparing the Main Brands - 2006

 Year - 2006

Main Brands -  Topps, Fleer, Upper Deck

Number of Players Included Among All the Sets: 35

Players Included in Every Set: 13

And then there were three.  Donruss baseball bit the dust when MLB decided to not renew their license.  Fleer was on life support, too, as it declared bankruptcy in 2005 and was bought by Upper Deck.  

The 2005 set was the first Fleer set produced by Upper Deck.  It had just 430 cards, much smaller that Topps' 659 cards and Upper Deck's set of 1000.  Yes, the UD set had 1000 cards (and another 250 in an update set).

The massive Upper Deck set is the reason for 35 Cubs players among the three sets.  You'll see lots of players with just an Upper Deck card.

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  1. outside of the silver on black names this is really an underrated set probably the best design since 1991 for Topps. Fleer was ok and Upper Deck was Mehe