Thursday, November 30, 2023

1992 All Ivy Team vs. 1992 Old Style All Time Cubs

 Please indulge me with one more Vine Line post...

I showed this postcard a  week ago, the 1992 All Ivy Team.  It features 28 of the all-time great Cubs players.  This isn't the only all-time Cubs greats offering in 1992, though.  

The Cubs also had a set of 28 cards, sponsored by Old Style and given away at Wrigley Field on August 28, that features franchise greats.

That led me to see if the 28 players on the All Ivy Team were the same 28 in the Old Style set.


The picture above is a mash-up of the two.  Four players on the All Ivy team did not have a card in the Old Style set.  Three of the four exclusions were still active in 1992 (Andre Dawson, Lee Smith, and Ryne Sandberg) and that is my guess as to why they were not in the Old Style set.  The other left out of the set of cards is Bill Nicholson.

That also means that four players in the card set are not on the team picture.  Those four are Ken Hubbs, Randy Hundley, Bill Lee, and Rick Reuschel.  All four were decent but definitely not deserving of inclusion on the All Ivy team.

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  1. Rick Reuschel is rather underrated--nearly 70 career WAR. I think he would be worthy of a spot on the team.