Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Why I Thought I Already Had the 2001 Vine Line Postcards

 Yesterday I showed the Vine Line postcard set from 2001 and mentioned never bought the set because I thought I already had it.

Below is the reason for my mistake.

The 2001 cards are on the left.  On the right is the Vine Line set from 2006, which I did have.  Side by side I think you can see the reason for my confusion.  The two sets are nearly identical.  When I saw listings for the 2001 set I just assumed I had it because the cards are so similar to the 2006 cards.

Both sets have cards that show...

twilight.... infield and grandstands.... ivy.... marquee.... scoreboard.... winter.... and silhouette.

There is a near-twin for seven of the eight cards.  That's not much originality shown by the 2006 promotions team.  They just took the old set and found pictures that matched the same theme.

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