Tuesday, May 21, 2024

2024 Bowman Base Cubs

 As it has had for the past several years, there are 100 cards in the Bowman base set.  The Cubs have four players among the 100.



The players included puzzle me.  Morel and Swanson make sense.  But no Suzuki, Happ, Hoerner, or Steele?  How about Kyle Hendricks, who, incidentally, has never had a card in any Bowman set?  

Instead, we get Canario and PCA, who coming into the 2024 season have a combined 19 games of MLB experience.  Even worse, the pictures on the cards are photoshop jobs with the wrong uniform numbers.  Canario wears 4 while Crow-Armstrong is 52.

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  1. Wow Hendricks never had a Bowman card - a guess it makes sense - they went to 100 cards set about 8 years ago and he was never a top prospect