Thursday, May 30, 2024

Finally Got Some From the Most Wanted List

 Last year I did really well at knocking items off of my Most Wanted list.  I was averaging an item per month.  It's been much more of a struggle this year.  I finally got two items, but two in five months is not good.

Both came from an eBay seller that saw my list. He reached out to me, letting me know what he had. Both are pretty rare as I had never seen them listed.

This is the 1985 Subway Sutcliffe disc.  The backs are blank, which is how you know that they are from Subway.  The disc is also smaller than the ones MSA put out in the 1970s.

And speaking of the 1970s, here is the other item I got.  What makes this one so tough is that it shows Thornton with the Cubs.  Most of the discs out there from the 1976 Crane set show him with the Expos.

The seller was very generous.  I paid him for the Sutcliffe and he threw in the Thornton for free.  It was a greatly appreciated gesture.

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