Tuesday, May 7, 2013

2013 Cubs Giveaway Card Set #1

On Friday, the Cubs gave away to the first 10,000 fans in the park the first of four 20 card sets. I  kinda have to be at school (at least for another month!) on a Friday afternoon so I wasn't able to go to the game.

But I was fortunate enough that a great friend of the blog was at Wrigley on Friday and he grabbed me a set of the cards.  Not only that, but he got the package in the mail right away Saturday and the cards were in my hands by Monday.  How about that US Post Office!

The 20 cards are the first twenty of these cards given to season ticket holders.  The only difference between the two is that there is a Season Ticket Holder logo on their cards, while the giveaway day cards have no logo.

This is the first of four sets the Cubs are giving out.  The other giveaway dates are July 5, August 2, and August 30.

I didn't show closeups of the cards on the season ticket post, so I'll do that today with these.  Under each card is the reason that the player was selected for the particular card/game.

Card 1, April 8, Ernie Banks: Mr. Cub should always be card #1

Card 2, April 9, Fergie Jenkins: On this date in 1982, Fergie Jenkins records his first victory in his second stint as a Cub as the Cubs beat the Mets 5-0 in the home opener.

Card 3, April 10, Ron Santo: #10 on the 10th

Card 4, April 11, Don Kessinger: #11 on the 11th

Card 5, April 12, Shawon Dunston: #12 on the 12th; Dunston also played for both the Cubs and the Giants

Card 6, April 13, Starlin Castro: #13 on the 13th

Card 7, April 14, Bobby Murcer: Bobby Murcer played for both the Cubs and the Giants

Card 8, April 16, Andre Dawson: #8 on the 8th home game of the season

Card 9, April 17, Fergie Jenkins: Fergie Jenkins played for both the Cubs and the Rangers

Card 10, April 18, Sammy Sosa: On this date in 2004, Sosa becomes the Cubs All Time HR leader, he also played for both the Cubs and the Rangers

Card 11, April 29, Jeff Samardzija: #29 on the 29th

Card 12, April 30, Anthony Rizzo: Anthony Rizzo played for both the Cubs and the Padres

Card 13, May 1, Starlin Castro: #13 on the 13th home game

Card 14, May 2, Ernie Banks: #14 on the 14th home game

Card 15, May 3, Darwin Barney: #15 on the 15th home game

Card 16, May 4, Billy Williams: #4 on the 4th, Billy actually wore jersey #4 in 1959

Card 17, May 5, Mark Grace: #17 on the 17th home game

Card 18, May 7, Starlin Castro: On this date in 2010, Starlin Castro makes his Cubs debut, driving in 6 RBI with a HR and a triple

Card 19, May 8, Andre Dawson: #8 on the 8th

Card 20, May 13, Ernie Banks: On this date in 1969, Banks has sever RBI, including his 1500th, in a 19-0 win against San Diego, matching the biggest shutout margin in modern NL history

Thank you, Michael, for getting the card for me!!  But the cards weren't the only thing he sent me from the game. Tomorrow, I'll have the other present.


  1. I'm actually pleasantly surprised to see Bobby Murcer includes in this set. I didn't think he was all that popular in Chicago to warrant inclusion.

  2. Bobby Murcer and Bobby Bonds both played for the Cubs and Giants and were traded for each other!

    But it might have been a nice time to finally honor Bill Madlock for crying out loud.