Thursday, May 9, 2013

Blue Billy

I picked up a couple more Billy Williams cards from 2013 Topps Tribute

This is the blue version of the base card.  I'm a sucker for blue cards, which always look really nice with Cubbie Blue.  The blue cards are /99.

The other blue card I got was this one...

...the blue Retire Remnants relic card.  Again the blue looks nice, and even better, they used a much better picture of Billy, one showing him at Wrigley Field.  The card has a smaller print run, only /50.

There are other versions of both cards, but I'm happy to just stop with the blue ones.


  1. Great cards, love these tribute cards ! Grats !

  2. Awesome cards. The blue parallels look great with the Cubbies

  3. Both great cards really captures the History and essence of the cubbies. Love the blog btw Just started following check mine out feel free to join the site. Good luck to the Cubs.