Friday, May 24, 2013

Bowman Week: Cream of the Crop Minis

It is now apparently impossible for Topps to release a set without including mini cards.  The overused insert has now made its way to Bowman.

The Bowman minis are cards called "Cream of the Crop."  The checklist is made up of each of the 30 teams' top five prospects.  For the Cubs, four of the five were already included in the Top 100 set, so these cards seem a little redundant.  Of course, since they are mini cards, I guess that means we're supposed to get all stoked about them.

I'm not.

I'm tired of mini cards.  The novelty has worn off.  The uniqueness of them is gone.  Please stop!

Third baseman Jeimer Candelario is the only of the five Cubs that didn't make the Top 100.  I don't know who at Topps picked the top five Cubs prospects, but I wouldn't put Candelario on the list--he's still a bit raw.  He's in his third professional season though only 19-years-old.  WIth Kane County in Low A, he's got a .241 average and only 1 homer.

The other four minis are the same four guys I wrote about yesterday, so I'm not going to bother rehashing all of that.  Instead, just take a look at at the cards.



I'll finish up Bowman week tomorrow with a post on some words that Topps either can't say or doesn't want to say.

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  1. At least they used different photos so you can justify getting the cards. I don't like it when they're the same, just smaller.