Monday, May 13, 2013

So I've Got Another Teammate* On Cardboard

Totally forgot about this one, but after writing about my teammate on cardboard Jim Cesario, I did a little digging and found another teammate* on cardboard.

Let me explain the *

A couple things about me....
1) I love sports, and I love playing, but I was not very good.  I was too small and too slow.
2) I've always been a pretty organized person, even as a kid.

I was able to combine those two things in high school and college... I was the football team's equipment manager.  I got to be involved and contribute.  And in college, it was a paid job, so that helped pay the bills.  I wasn't on the field, but the players all relied on me to take care of them and most were pretty appreciative.  I felt like a teammate*

I attended Concordia College in River Forest, Illinois (Go Cougars!).  It's a small D3 school that none of you have probably ever heard of.

This is the football team my freshman year, 1979.  All the freshman are sitting in the front; I'm on the far left.  The team wasn't very good, but the quarterback was.  He's #17 in the second row, fifth from the left--Scott Lovekamp

But football wasn't his best sport, baseball was.  He was a flame-throwing pitcher.  Even at little Concordia, he was good enough to attract the attention of some pro scouts, and after the 1980 season, he was drafted by the Padres in the 32nd round.  He wasn't picked in the glamour rounds, but he was picked.

He played for parts of three seasons, but never rose about A ball.  After his playing days were done, he moved into the coaching ranks.  He's worked with a few colleges and then moved to pro ball.

As far as I can tell, no cards were made from his playing days, but there were several from his years as a pitching coach.

1997 Augusta Greenjackets

1999 Altoona Curve

2003 Lynchburg Hillcats

2004 Lynchburg Hillcats

Lovekamp is now working in the scouting department for the Yankees.  The Concordia quarterback, my teammate*, has had a life-long career in baseball.

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