Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Reasons Behind the Cards

I'm following up on yesterday's post with more about the Cubs Archives set.

The Cubs PR team put some actual thought into selecting the players included in the 82 card set.  Players weren't just randomly chosen.  There was a connection for each card.

For example, Starlin Castro, #13, was put onto the card for game #13.

Shawon Dunston, #12, was on the #12th game, against the Giants, a team he also played with.

Dave Kingman was included on the card for game #21, on May 14, because on May 14, 1978, he hit three home runs against the Dodgers.

All 82 cards were thought through in the same way.

And how do I know?

Because the Cubs also printed up a two-page sheet that gives the details on all 82 cards.  That was a very nice touch.   Even nicer, the seller I bought my set from included the sheets, and I've got them here below.

You should be able to click on the pages to get a better look at them in a new tab (if I got my HTML correct...if not...sorry, I tried!).


  1. Brilliant! Kudos to their marketing department.

  2. Lollapalooza 2013 also released a Topps archives set this year. Someone in Chicago is having fun playing with old card designs!

  3. Oof, they spelled Reuschel's name wrong on the sheet.

    1. Good catch...didn't notice that. They did get his name correct on the card.
      There is another mistake on the lists #82 as a 1956 design when it is actually from 1972.