Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is This How They Wear Baseball Pants in South Africa

Cubs prospect Tayler Scott is the first South African to be drafted by an MLB team.  He had a decent season last year with Boise, going 5-1  for the short season A team.  But check out his card in Bowman, and pay attention to his pants...

...Look at how he has them cuffed.  He's going high-socks, which is fine (though stirrups would be better!).  But notice the strange way he has his pants turned over  below the knee.   It looks like he was wearing long pajama pants and had to roll them over a couple times to get the high sock look.  Very weird.

That was the second odd thing that caught my eye.  The other was his uniform.  It struck me as odd that Scott, a 2012 draftee, would be wearing a Cubs uniform.  If he had been with the team a couple years, I could understand a spring training shot of him in a Cubs uni.  But Scott's first spring with the team would have been in 2013 and I don't think that Topps would have had the time to make a card of him with a spring training shot.

So I did some hunting and found that Topps didn't use a spring shot.

They used a Boise Hawks shot and did some photoshopping.  Now I'll have to do some digging to see how many of the other prospects in the set were photoshopped.


  1. Nice find!

    Looks like they also forgot to add back the front number for that style of jersey. But they would have had to make one up?

  2. I bet they are all photoshopped. At least they looked that way to me.

  3. He is a very nice guy. Crazy facial hair.

  4. I met this former Cubs prospect (Bear Bay) and I handed him my cards to sign and the Cubs one which was a Bowman to be exact and the other two cards he appeared to be in an Indians uniform on the front of the two Indians cards were the same picture of the front and back of the Cubs card. He told us that they photoshop almost all of cards to save money.