Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Roster Turnover Since Opening Day, 2012

I've written a couple times about the revolving door on the Cubs clubhouse.  However, I didn't realize just how quickly the roster has turned over until I was thumbing through the 2013 media guide.

The guide has a section on the 2012 Opening Day roster, listing the players by position.

Here are the 11 pitchers that were on the roster a year ago April.  Only four are still on the roster, though Dolis has made some 2012 appearances and Garza should be back soon.

Only three of the seven infielders are still on the Cubs.

The outfield has only two of the five remaining.

Both catchers are gone, though Clevenger is on the 60 day DL.

The totals...out of the 25 on the opening day roster in 2012, just nine are currently active.

And how has that translated on the field?

Tuesday's game was #39...and the Cubs records is 16-23

Last year, through 39 games...their record was 15-24.

We're one game better...yeah!

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  1. Jeez- And I thought that the Marlins were the only team in the majors with this kind of turn-over. It may look worse with the Cubs, but that is only because they have more cards in these sets...

    Take a look at the Marlins roster - it is brutal.