Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Something About Those Emerald Greens

It's been four months since series one came out, but all that time there's been something about the emerald green cards that's been bugging me.

When these type of cards first showed up in 2011, I was all over them.  I got the entire Cubs set of both...

....the platinum and....

...cognac sparkle cards.

Last year they showed up again, and...

....I got the entire Cubs team set, this time in gold.

But when I saw this year's emerald sparkle cards, I wasn't interested in them at all.  Part of it was burnout.  I'm getting tired of chasing all these parallel sets.  But there was also something about the look of the emerald cards themselves that left me bored with them.

I finally figured out what it was.

Take a look at a page of nine of them.

Now look at these...

...The Cubs have had emerald cards already for the past several years.  There's no need for me to collect cards with a green background...I've already been doing that for years!

Here is David DeJesus' base and emerald cards, side by side.  The picture has hardly had to change much at all.  And the border looks like ivy, too.

So I've figured out why I'm not interested in the emerald cards....why bother with cards where you make the green ivy look...green.


  1. If you're not interested in the green parallels, I will GLADLY trade for that Starling Marte 2013 emerald.

    1. Sorry..I just borrowed the picture of the emeralds from a Google image search.

  2. I like them for the most part but they are just a tad too dark compared to the previously released sparkle parallels.

    Plus the ivy cards look better just the way they are.

  3. I like the grids you post but these are awesome!

    The platinum looks the best for me. Those were the right sparkling parallels in my opinion.

  4. I've always been a fan of parallels. But some are definitely better than others. I love the different variations that Topps offers. My only complain is their use of color on the photos. To me it downs things out.