Saturday, May 18, 2013

My Sentimental Favorite

The Topps 2013 set contains this card of Adam Greenberg.

Including him in the set was clearly a sentimental choice, not one based on baseball reality. Greenberg had only one at bat and he's not going to ever get another.  But I like that Topps did this.

I also think that Topps missed another sentimental opportunity.  One year ago today, Kerry Wood pitched in his final major league game.  Coming on in relief in the 8th inning against the White Sox, he struck out Dayan Viciedo.  He was then taken out of the game and received a rousing standing ovation from the Wrigley faithful as he walked back to the dugout.

Just before getting to the dugout, little Justin Wood rushed out and gave his dad a huge hug.  It was a wonderfully sentimental moment, a moment that should be captured on cardboard.

So here it is, my sentimental favorite card from Topps 2013.


  1. Kudos to Topps for the Greenberg card... and kudos to your for your custom Kerry & son card.