Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Panin Prizm Mini Rainbow

I've been working on a Darwin Barney rainbow with the Panini Prizm set, but right now its just a mini rainbow.

I've only been able to get five cards, the base, refractor, auto, green, and red.  There is also a gold /10 card, but only one has shown up on Ebay and it was sold via BIN before I even saw it.

There is also supposed to be a blue version that exclusive to Walmart.  I say supposed to be since no a single one has been offered on Ebay.  Several of the Target reds have seen the light of day, but no blues--odd since you would think more card are sold at Walmart over Target.

The final card in the rainbow is a 1/1 black card....no hope for that one!

So for now, here is my mini-rainbow.



  1. I noticed a guy pulled a Gold on one of the forums. Unfortunately, when I asked him about it he ignored me... I wonder if it was the one on eBay? Maybe I'll have to see what serial number his was.

  2. Just bought some Prizm today. Nice looking cards. Pulled an emerald and a red. Not much else, though. No Darwin Barneys either. :)