Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bowman Week: Barney Rainbow

Darwin Barney was included in the 2013 Bowman set, so that means another Barney Rainbow.

Bowman is typically full of parallels and the 2013 set has a bunch.  The cards include:
  • base set
  • State and Hometown
  • Gold
  • Blue, numbered to 500
  • Orange, numbered to 250
  • Red, 1/1
  • Silver Ice
  • Red Ice, numbered to 25
  • Purple Ice, numbered to 10
  • White Ice 1/1
  • Printing plates, four colors 1/1
That's a total of 14 different cards.  I've got eight of the fourteen, the cards that weren't 1/1s.  None were too tough.  The 1/1s have been pretty scarce.  I've only seen one of the six, a printing plate.  I'm happy to just have my eight.


My favorites would have to be the ice cards.  Especially when you hold the card a bit to the side, they look pretty pun intended!

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  1. For some reason this morning I'm thinking "Family Affair".