Monday, May 20, 2013

Bowman Week: The 2013 Cubs Base Set

This week is going to be Bowman Week at Wrigley Wax.  I've got six posts lined up, each looking at a different aspect of the 2013 Bowman set.  Up for today: the base set Cubs

Last year there were only three Cubs in the base set.  That's pretty crummy representation in a set of 220.  This year they showed up in more appropriate numbers, with seven players. In fact, in a 220 card set with 30 teams, seven is right where a team should be.

Kyuji Fujikawa has a picture from his introduction to the press after he was signed.  The picture was taken on December 7, 2012 (Pearl Harbor Day...look how far we've come!).  The grass at Wrigley looks pretty green for early December.

Most of the other cards feature the bigger names....Barney, Castro, Rizzo, Samardzija, Soriano.



There is only one clunker in the group...

....Brett Jackson.  Last season's "Center Fielder of the Future" is hitting .255 in AAA....has the future come and gone for Jackson?

Tomorrow I'll have the four Cubs Bowman Prospects.

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  1. I like the Jackson though. It's not just a batter batting or pitcher pitching like the rest. And at that angle, he's digging for more bases, which you gotta like.