Saturday, April 22, 2017

2017 Diamond King Billy Williams

Panini has again issued a Diamond King set and  this year Billy Williams was on the checklist.  I went ahead and picked up some of his cards despite the lack of logos.

This is what the base card looks like.  It would be a really nice card if it had logos.  

Of course there are also all sorts of parallels.

This is the artist's proof parallel and it is /99.

There are also framed parallels and I've picked up three of them

The gray frame is an unnumbered common.  The checklist shows an unnumbered green frame too, but not a single green version has been listed on Ebay yet.


Among the numbered frames are the red /99 and brown /49.  Look closely at the red frame and you'll notice that it is #26/99.  There are collectors that go bonkers when the number matches the player's number, like this one does for #26 Billy Williams.  I'm not one of those collectors.  This was just a happy coincidence for me and I didn't have to pay a premium for the card.

Other frames include the blue /25 and black 1/1.  Neither has yet to surface.  I'm not planning to see or buy either of them.


  1. Has the photo been used yet? Doesn't jump out at me but could be the background throwing me.

    The red really pops against all the blue but the common gray is probably my favorite.

  2. For Panini, this isn't bad. I like the gray frame best as well.

  3. Holy hell, the fog that plagued 2016 Topps has moved into 2017 Panini Diamond Kings. Wrong thing to copy Panini!