Monday, April 24, 2017

Yup, It Hasn't Been Used Before

 On Saturday I showed the Diamond King Billy Williams card.  Matt asked if the photo has been used before.

Good question.

I went back and looked over the 291 cards I've got in my Billy Williams collection.  Would it shock you if I told you that the DK picture isn't on any of the others?  It shocked me.


This one is close.  The swing is similar, though the uniforms don't match.  The DK card has to be from 1969 - 1971.


This one is even closer.  In fact, I wonder if they are both from the same at bat?  The dugouts match and he is wearing a batting glove in each picture.  Billy rarely wore a batting glove.  These are the only two cards in my collection that show him wearing a glove.

I also went through the Billy Williams pictures at Getty Images to try to find the original, but had no luck.  There are lots of pictures, just not this one.  A Google image search had the same results - nothing.

So kudos to Panini for finding and using an original picture.  Too bad the logos had to disappear!


  1. Awesome! Definitely a good find by Panini.

  2. I did not care for the Diamond Kings cards until the art took a new direction a few years ago. Sacrilege, but true nonetheless. I really like DK art from 2015 on.