Friday, April 7, 2017

Keeping Up With The Jones'

Reader Jeff made a generous offer...I accepted.

The card is from this year's Heritage set, a certified autograph of Clarence Jones on a reprinted card.  I must admit that I know nothing about Clarence Jones.  His career with the Cubs was just a little before my time.  He played in 53 games in 1967, which led to his inclusion in the 1968 set.  In '68, however, he was with the Cubs for just five games.  He spent most of the season in AAA.  The Cubs then traded him to the Reds in a deal that brought Ted Abernathy to the north side.  The submariner Abernathy, him I remember.  Jones would go on to play nine seasons in Japan.

Despite my lack of Jones knowledge, its still nice to add another autograph to my collection.  Thank you Jeff!!

And how did Topps do in creating the reprint card?


They switched the burlap!  I guess if you've been wondering for the past 49 years what Clarence Jones' card would have looked like if it was in the first series, you now have your answer.


  1. I like the color correction on the new one. Clarence's son Richard T. Jones is an actor is over 100 film and TV credits. (I looked it up).

  2. Is it just me: is the original shopped? His blue under sleeve has 0 wrinkles. It looks so out of place in the image.