Friday, April 21, 2017

All I've Got of Him: Jody Davis

On Wednesday the Cubs gave out championship rings to several former players.  Left to right is Scott Sanderson, Lee Smith, Steve Trout, Randy Hundley, Glenn Beckert, Jody Davis, Jose Cardenal, and Bobby Dernier.

I haven't done an "All I've Got of Him" for a while and thought I'd do it for one of these guys.  I settled on Jody Davis.  Jody was a fan favorite, and one of mine too, during his years as the Cubs catcher.  

From 1981 - 1988 he was a fixture behind the plate.  He was steady if not spectacular.  He also seemed to have a knack for getting a big hit at just the right time.  Those heroics led to a tradition of the Wrigley crowd chanting his name, "Jo-dee, Jo-dee, Jo-dee."

My collection includes a total of 62 cards of Jody, including three autographed cards.  His career coincided with the loss of the Topps monopoly, so I've got some Fleer, Donruss, Leaf, Score, Sportflics, and even one Upper Deck card of him, among others, in addition to a bunch of Topps.


  1. Do you have the 1988 Fleer Keith Moreland card that actually pictures Davis?

  2. I don't...but I think I'll be make a purchase soon!

  3. The 1986 Topps Jody Davis card is special to me, it's the first Cubs card I ever got out of a pack when I was a kid. I can remember the day and where I was when I pulled it from the 86 Topps pack. I lost track of it over the years, but recently bought a host of 86 Topps packs and pulled a couple. I was so excited to relive that memory, and then later pull another. The recent pull is on my office cabinet at work. Means nothing to most, means a lot to me. Great choice on the post!

  4. Any info on why rings were given to those specific players, or if there will be more given and just not announced yet?