Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Brand #121

I've added my 121st brand to my Cubs collection.  I'm somewhat embarrassed to even mention it because its so small.  Early on when I returned to collecting I said I'd skip these small brands.  But since I'm starting to run out of brands to chase, I've relented.  So today I've got a brand with a total of four cards.


These are from the 2005 set of Upper Deck Classics.  The set has 100 base cards and 30 more rookie short prints.  The Cubs landed these four in the base set and were shut out of the rookie section.

Its an interesting group of Cubs.  The top two, Herman and Hubbs, are certainly not your name brand Cubs.  The bottom two, Jenkins and Billy Williams, have the name recognition you'd expect.

Upper Deck Classics was a one and done brand.  The 2005 set was its one and only version.  So this is it, the entire Cubs run from Classics.  Doesn't get much easier than this!

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