Tuesday, April 25, 2017

WW HQ Update: It Lives!!

This picture is from a post in November, our plan to make the front of our house look a little like Wrigley Field

A warm spell in February gave me the chance to paint and install the numbers on the house.  I've had several confused neighbors ask me if we were having problems with the mailman or the pizza delivery guy.  They didn't quite understand the reason for the big yellow numbers on the front of the hosue.  Once I showed them a picture of the outfield wall at Wrigley, they got it.

But the whole falls apart without ivy.  We planted two vines in November, but they were already dormant.  We'd have to wait until spring to see if  there would be any growth.

It lives!  The ivy survived the winter and new leaves have started to pop out.  Now we just have to watch it grow and take over the wall.


  1. You are a damn dedicated Cubs fan. Keep us updated on the progress.

  2. Fantastic! I agree, please keep us updated!

  3. Can't wait to see the updates. I really enjoy watching the progress of things like trees, plants, and flowers grow. This wall is going to be epic!