Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Topps Tribute Billy Williams

Once again I've cherry-picked the high priced sets.

This year's Topps Tribute runs around $265 for a box of six packs, each pack containing three cards.  You're guaranteed three autographs and three relics.  Billy Williams is on the base checklist, but I didn't spent $265 with the hopes of getting his card.  As always, I let someone else spend the big bucks and I'll pick up his leftovers.

Here's the base card.  Looking over the uniform, I know that this is from 1970 or 1971.  I found the original at Getty Images and they just reference it as circa 1970.  The best thing about the picture is that Topps has never used it before.  After years of the same couple of Billy pictures, we finally get something new.  Well, new to Topps since the picture is 47 years old.

Tribute also has parallels and I have two.


The green is /99 and the purple is /50.  There are also red (/10) and black (1/1) cards, but I'm not too sure I'll see either.

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  1. I do the same thing regarding picking up the base and parallels. Let someone else waste their money, I'll grab only what I want