Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 Donruss Cubs

Panini bought the Donruss name a few years back and has been putting out a set since 2014.  Lacking an MLB license, the cards lack logos and team names.  I would normally steer clear of something like this, but since it has the Donruss name, and I have all the Donruss Cubs from the first incarnation, I've been getting the Panini version.

The 2017 set consists of 195 cards.  The first 30 are short-printed Diamond King cards, one for each team.  The next 15 cards are Rated Rookies, also short-printed.  The final 150 cards are the regular cards.

Anthony Rizzo was the Cubs Diamond King.  This makes the third time in four years that its been Rizzo.  I'm somewhat surprised that it wasn't Kris Bryant.

There are ten Cubs among the 150 base cards.


These are the nine active players.  I find it interesting that though Panini can't use logos, they have no problem showing the ads in the background.  Reynolds Wrap, Lexus, and America Airlines all get some free advertising.

Ryno is the retired Cub in the set.


  1. Good chance I'm only gonna buy the tin foil.

    1. Me, too! But I'm going to need someone to do some shopping for me!

  2. Too bad about the licensing, looks nice otherwise.

  3. Do you plan on trying to get the variations with nicknames? Like Anthony Rizzo has a nickname card of "Rizz" at the top.