Thursday, April 6, 2017

The Opening Day Cubs Since 1970

Let's wrap this up by looking at the entire run from 1970 through 2017, 48 years worth of lineups.

The position with the most stability has been first base.  There have been 16 different first basemen over the 48 years.  The least-stable position surprised me.  I assumed it would be third base.  But the long runs of Santo and Ramirez mitigated that.  The biggest turn-over was a tie between left field and center field.  Each of those positions saw 29 different players.

Here's the breakdown for each positions:

First Base - 16 players
Second Base - 22 players
Shortstop - 17 players
Third Base - 24 players
Catcher - 23 players
Left field - 29 players
Center field - 29 players
Right Field - 20 players
Pitcher - 23 players

And here's a look at 48 opening day Cubs lineups:

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