Saturday, July 29, 2017

1965 Cubs Cartoons

The 1965 card back design was a first - the cartoon was at the top of the card back and it had the player's name.  Almost every card in the set had a cartoon.  Only players with really long careers ( and yearly stats) were skipped.  Of the 24 base Cubs, just one, Lou Burdette, didn't have one.

The 1965 Cubs were young and not very good.  Of the 23 cartoons, only nine mention an accomplishment from their major league career.  The rest are from high school, college, or the minors.

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  1. I love the 1965 card backs, so I really enjoyed seeing all of the Cubs cartoons in one spot. I might "borrow" the idea for the Mets, but I will properly attribute my inspiration.

    Billy Cowan has my favorite cartoon, and I think it's a bit interesting that Bob Buhl's card requires one to know what a "whitewashing" is in both the metaphorical and literal sense...