Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017 Stadium Club Cubs

The 2017 edition of Stadium Club came out last week and I've got my Cubs cards in hand.

This year's set has 300 cards and 15 of those are Cubs.  That's a lot of Cubs!

The card design is a pretty typical Stadium Club layout...full bleed picture with minimal writing.   The focus for Stadium Club has always been the picture and this year is no different.

Three of the Cubs are retired...

It's nice to see that D-Lee is not forgotten.  The picture of Ross is after he hit a home run in game 7.  And Sandberg, we see him all the time...

...and we've seen that picture before, too.

The twelve active Cubs included are the usuals.  It was nice that Topps didn't include a card of Rob Zastryzny in this set.

Topps needs to make a rule that some part of the player's face needs to be visible on the card.

Is this a Contreras or Chapman card?

Schwarber opens the top of the eleventh inning with a single.

Ben is celebrating his series winning double.

Rizzo climbs the wall.

Lester roars.

And the rest...



  1. That Heyward catch was a dandy. I like how some of the cards are from the WS. Have you seen the short prints? If I had some extra coin I would chase them all to add to my World Series binder.

    1. I've given up on chasing the SPs. Too many, too expensive!

  2. That Rizzo card is fantastic!

  3. Fantastic set! Might be the first one I buy this year.

  4. "Topps needs to make a rule that some part of the player's face needs to be visible on the card."

    I whole-heartedly second that motion! Nothing annoys me more than not being able to actually identify the player on his own card... isn't that truly the point of a baseball card?