Monday, July 24, 2017

My First 2017 Ginter Card

My main stash of Ginter Cubs will be coming from Brentandbecca in a week or so.  I'll be getting the regular Cub cards, the Cubs in the What A Day set, and the full sized relics.  Brent wasn't able to get me the four Cub mini relics.  They odds on them are pretty high and he wasn't sure he'd get all of them.  I am on my own for those.

When I'm getting items on my own, I like to pounce on Ebay as soon as the set is released.  I've found that the earlier I buy things, the better the price.  I was able to find three of the Cubs mini relics within a day of the Ginter release at very reasonable prices.

The first card arrived in the mail on Saturday.

I've always like the Ginter framed relics.  They are much classier looking than usual relics.  It was a shame that Topps went to full sized cards a few years ago and kept the minis as SPs.

In the next few days I'm expecting the delivery of the Rizzo and Russell cards.  The final Cub is Ernie Banks.  Thus far only one has been listed on Ebay and it has an opening bid of $74.99.

I think I'll just end up with three of four Cubs this year.

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  1. Sweet Bryant! Some of the nicest relics around from the past few years are the Ginter framed relics.