Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017 Finest Cubs Inserts

Finest is another one of those sets where you end up with more inserts than base cards.  There are five Cubs in the base set.  The insert total - seven.

Three Cubs are in the 1994-1995 Basketball set.  The design is that same on that Topps used on their basketball Finest set.  And the reason that we're getting a basketball design in a baseball set?  Who knows?


Anthony Rizzo has a card in this set, but was not included in the base set.  That seems like inviting someone to the shower but not the wedding.  I always understood that that was a tacky thing to do.

The other insert set with Cubs is Breakthrough.


Again we get shower guest Rizzo (who I thought broke through about four years ago) and a second non-base player, Addison Russell.


  1. And the reason that we're getting a basketball design in a baseball set?

    Answer: Topps is running out of ideas for new sets, because they insist on releasing 50+ new insert sets year after year. The real question is... what are they going to do when they run out of basketball, football, soccer, non-sport, and hockey trading card designs to create baseball inserts with?

  2. I read an article about a year ago from a Topps design member on their 2016 design and it spawned into why they continue to renew old borders in their base products (see 1987 Topps, etc.). Part of their explanation was trying to wrangle old fans from the junk wax era into their new products who otherwise wouldn't buy it. Makes a little sense, I love 1987 Topps, look there's 1987 Topps in my 2016 packs! But then there's Heritage, Archives, base inserts, now Finest and so on and so on. Fuji is right, eventually they will be stealing old MLS designs and be like hey we rebranded!