Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Cubs #39...Wow!

So the Cubs added their 39th active player last week and was it a stunner, as they got Jose Quintana from the White Sox.

There was much written in the press about the Cubs and Sox not being willing to make a deal with one another.  Looks like they were wrong!

For the second season in a row, Theo/Jed added a top tier pitcher to the team without it costing the Cubs a regular.  I guess the farm system was loaded.

The two main prospects the Cubs sent to the Sox will not be ready for at least a couple years.  Quintana will be under the Cubs control through 2020.  The Sox got the prospects they needed for success down the line while the Cubs helped out their struggling starting rotation right now.  It was a win / win.

Quintana started on Sunday and dominated the Orioles.  Seven innings, one run, three hits, 12 strike outs, no walks.  Yes, win / win.

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