Monday, July 10, 2017

Dexter Press Catcher

In a random Cubs post from a couple weeks ago, I got this 1967 Dexter Press card of Glenn Beckert.

I mentioned that there was a catcher shown over his shoulder and that the same guy was in almost every one of the cards in the set.

So here is what I believe happened:

We're in Scottsdale, Arizona in the spring of 1967.  The Dexter Press photographer has shown up at the Cubs camp.  He has a list of player that he's got to shoot.  He gets the players, lines them up,  and one at a time he brings them in and takes their picture.  Its just like school picture day from when you were a kid, except I don't think the Cubs players got free combs.

Smile, take picture, move on to next guy.  The photographer didn't move and all of the pictures were taken from the exact same spot.

In the meantime, there are some players warming up in the background.  A catcher and pitcher are working.  They too are in the exact same spot.

So we end up with this:




That's nine of the 12 cards in the set.  Here's the others, and the catcher was just barely missed.


 I love that Dexter shows the Cubs in their home pinstripes.  But, man, mix things up a little with the poses and the backgrounds!

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  1. I winder if it was Dick Bertell, John Stephenson or another catcher in camp.