Monday, July 31, 2017

How Scarce are the Mini Relics

Allen and Ginter has both full sized card relics and mini-framed relics.  The minis are not as plentiful as the regular.  I was curious as to just how rare they are.  I'll let Ebay help me answer that question.

There are four Cubs with mini-relic cards.  I checked both current listings and sold items as of Sunday night when I wrote this.  Here's what I found:

Ernie Banks - two total, one currently listed and one sold

Kris Bryant - eleven total, four currently listed and seven sold

Anthony Rizzo - twelve total, four currently listed and eight sold

Addison Russell - ten total, five currently listed and five sold

All of those numbers seem pretty low for a set that has been out for almost two weeks. It's safe to say that they are in fact scarce.

 I also checked a couple of the players full sized relics.  Bryant has had 47 sold or listed and Addison Russell has had 30.  Those numbers are three or four times higher than the mini cards.

Does that make the minis three or four times as scarce?


  1. Wow, I knew the Banks was a rare card, but not that rare. I pulled one from a retail pack (1:733 pack odds for mini relics) and my jaw hit my desk in shock! I probably should have posted about it!

  2. ...and after you write a post about it you can send it to me ;)

  3. I pulled a framed mini relic out of the first two blasters I bought, making it seem as if they were quite easy to pull. ... But I haven't come across another one since (I've kind of OD'd on A&G blasters this year).

  4. I'd kinda be bummed if I was the guy who sold some of the framed relics cheap early on with a BIN based on prices in the past. Wait. That's totally me. I guess it's a good thing I couldn't afford a box of A&G this year.