Tuesday, July 11, 2017

The Last of the 2017 Series Two Inserts: All Time All Stars

This last insert set took a little while longer to get because it is retail-only and Brentandbecca doesn't bust retail.  I got these from Sportlots instead.

The All Time All Stars set consists of 51 cards.  That's an odd number for a set. Even more odd is that the last card in the set, Andre Dawson, is number 61.  Topps went from 50 to 61, skipping 51 - 60.  Were there plans for more cards that got scrapped?  Did Dawson get added as an afterthought and was mistakenly given 61 instead of 51?

Who knows??

Of the 51 cards, three belong to Cubs.

Ernie Banks makes a rare appearance since his death.  Was Topps able to work something out with his estate?  Will we see more of Mr. Cub?


Ryno and the aforementioned #61 Andre Dawson were the other two Cubs/

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  1. They definitely figured something out with the estate, because he has a base card in the Allen & Ginter set coming out soon>