Thursday, July 6, 2017

1995 Illinois State Police Cubs

Today I've got an oddball set that came to me via reader Chad.  Chad emailed and asked if I had the 1995 Illinois State Police Cubs set.

Had it?

I never heard of it.  It isn't listed in the Standard Catalog and I don't recall seeing in in any of my Ebay searches.  Chad was nice enough to send me one of three sets he picked up at a bargain price at a garage sale.

It turns out that this is a fairly rare set.  The ISP issued the cards as part of their Violence Education Gang Awareness program.  One  site I found said the cards were only available at a Cubs / State Police fundraiser.  There isn't very much out there at all about these.

The cards are over-sized, at 3½" x 5½". They are printed on fairly thin card stock.  The fronts have the name of the player and the ISP and Cubs logos.  On the back there is limited information about the player.  Most of the back is dedicated to listing six steps to solving a conflict.

There are 32 cards in the set, including the manager and six coaches.  There are many more unknowns than name guys among the players.  It was really surprised when I saw that the 1995 Cubs finished in 3rd place, two games over .500.


  1. Pretty neat oddball set. I have a Grace single but have never seen the full set (or knew it existed either).

    No Sandberg = right around when I first stopped collecting.

  2. Hey Paul, I'm glad you liked the set for your collection, I came so close to overlooking them at the garage sale, as I was busy buying up tools & hardware. I believe that some of the players in the set don't have any other cards as Cub like Chris Nabholz, Bryan Hickerson, Larry Casian, Mike Perez, Todd Pratt, and Mike Walker

  3. I forgot HoJo was a Cub once... pretty cool set!