Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Allen and Ginter Mini Relics

My other two mini relics have arrived.


There is still one more Cubs card out there and I expect I'll never get it.  Topps made a card for Ernie Banks.  So far just one has been listed on Ebay and it sold for $89.87.  That is far beyond my budget.

A free image borrowed from Ebay is all I can afford right now.

Framed mini relics have been a part of Allen and Ginter since the start in 2006.  They've been one of my favorites items in any set.  Over the years there have been 46 of them for  the Cubs.  Below are the 45 I've got.


  1. $89.87? Unless it's a super rare short print... this vendor is nuts.

  2. It was an auction, so it's the collector that's nuts.