Friday, July 14, 2017

The First Cartoons on the Back - 1954

I'm back with another cartoon post.  Today I've got the first cartoons, from the 1954 set.

Here's a look at the back of Ernie Banks' card.  Each card in the set has the same basic design.  There's the players vital information and a paragraph on the top.  The middle section has the stats from 1953 and the players career totals.  The bottom third is the cartoon.

The drawing style in 1954 was much more realistic than the cartoons from the '60s and '70s that I knew.  It reminds me of the comic book inserts from the 1970 set.  Some players have two panels, while others got three.

There are eleven Cubs cards in the set.  In order, they are Ernie Banks, Frank Baumholtz, Ray Blades, Phil Cavarretta, Johnny Klippstein, Paul Minner, Howie Pollet, Hank Sauer, Bob Scheffing, Bob Talbot, and Jim Willis.


  1. Love cartoons on card backs! Great stuff.

  2. There's some big time drama on that Sauer cartoon. I wonder what the big grudge was about?