Friday, July 21, 2017

Bonus Cubs

This happened more than I thought it would.

In the '60s and 70's Topps had a couple different types of multi-player rookie cards.

Some were team exclusive, like this one with all Cubs.

Others were by league...

...or position.

What I've found on several of the non-team exclusive cards are bonus Cubs.  Several of these cards feature players not shown as Cubs but at some other time would wear the blue.


  1. Bill McNulty was Cubs property for a brief, strange time, too:

  2. On that '76 rookie outfielders card, you've also got future Cubs bench coach, Jamie Quirk. Looks like Jerry Turner is the odd man out here.

  3. Jamie Quirk is currently the manager of the Royals' single-A team in Wilmington, DE. Saw him at a game a few weeks ago.

  4. That Norm Gigon was even on a "Rookie Stars" card is laughable. He spent 6 or 8 seasons in the Phillies farm system, then played a few games for the Cubs in early 1967, just ennoug for Topps to put him in this final-series card. (Meanwhile, Topps ignored Cubs prospects Bill Stoneman and Chuck Hartenstein in their 1967 set.)

  5. Topps made those league-specific (or in some cases just calling them "Major League Rookie Stars") in their final series from 1964-70, most likely as a catch-all to feature any rookies that had a good start to the current season. Since they were unlikely to find 2 players from the same team, Topps grouped them by league, if possible.

    By 1973, the Rookie Stars cards switched from team-based to position-based.