Tuesday, June 30, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 17

142 - Woody Woodward The Reds acquired Woody from the Braves during the 1968 season, which explains why he is hatless and wearing a Braves jersey. He is your run of the mill good glove, no stick shortstop.

#143 - Joe Nossek
Airbrushed Joe is wearing a KC A's hat. His big league career was just about done as he made it into only 22 games in 1969 and one more in 1970. Nossek would go on to a long career as a coach, including 17 years on the south side with the Sox.

#144 - Bob Hendley
This is a decent pose of the Mets pitcher at Shea. His last major league appearance was with the Mets in 1967. He had arm surgery in 1968 and never made it back to the majors. Hendley is most famous for a game he pitched while with the Cubs in 1965, a one hitter against the Dodgers. Unfortunately, his mound opponent Sandy Koufax decided to toss a perfect game that day and Hendley took the loss. Here is more on that game, the last time the Cubs have been no-hit.

#145 - Max Alvis
After four seasons as the Indians starting third baseman, Max's career was in decline. He played in only 66 games in 1969 and was out of baseball after 1970.

#146 - Jim Perry
Up until this point, Jim was a spot starter. 1969 was his breakout season as he won 20 games while losing only 6 for the division winning Twins.

#147 - Leo Durocher
The Cubs skipper gets his own post tomorrow

#148 - Lee Stange This card gives you a nice view of Fenway Park prior to all the recent renovations and additions. Look at how empty the roof is. It looks nothing like that today.

#149 - Ollie Brown
Ollie is wearing a Giants jersey and hat. He was one of the leading Padres sluggers in their early years.

#150 - Denny McLain
Where are your glasses Denny? McLain was just coming off the greatest pitching season in recent history, as he was the last 30 game winner, going 31-6 for the World Champion Tigers. He was both the AL MVP and Cy Young Award winner.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 10
Hatless - 35
Airbrush - 32
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 27

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  1. What exactly is that hat doing on Denny's head? How is it staying up there? How is he wearing it?