Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!

We're off to see the Cubs play today!

And this is where we will be sitting.

I live about half way between Chicago and Detroit (it's a little more than 2 hours to each) and this year, since the Cubs were playing the Tigers, we decided to head to Comerica. This is my second trip to the Tiger's park. In 2001 I saw the Cubs fall to the Tigers, though Sammy Sosa hit two home runs. The park was about 50/50 Cubs fans and Tigers fans.

I've seen the Cubs play in several out of town ballparks, and there has always been a huge contingent of Cubs fans. In 2004 I was in Denver and the Cubs beat the Rockies with about half the crowd in Cubbie blue. I was surprised that there were so many Cubs fans that far west, but I think that is an effect of WGN.

In 2006 I went to Miller Park to see the Cubs and Brewers. Much to the dismay of Brewers fans, Cubs fans have referred to Miller Park as "Wrigley Field North." There hasn't been a lot of love shared between Cubs and Brewers fans, but everyone seemed to behave decently the night we were there.

My best out of town experience was in September 2007 in Cincinnati. It was the last weekend of the regular season and the Cubs were on the verge of clinching the division title. Coming into the Friday night game the Cubs magic number was two. The crowd was probably 2/3 Cubs fan. It was amazing to be in another team's park yet feel like you were at Wrigley Field. And the Reds fans were none to appreciative of that. But hey, we were spending money in their park that they could use to improve their team. Aside from the game action, the loudest roars from the crowd were when updates on the scoreboard showed the second place Brewers were losing. When the Cubs won their game, they celebrated as they clinched at least a tie. We watched back at the hotel as the Brewers lost and the Cubs won the division. Saturday's game was more like the Iowa Cubs vs. the Reds, with all the regulars given the night off. But there was still a large and loud Cubs crowd at the game as the Cubs won.

Last year, we went to Pittsburgh for spring break (isn't that the place you think of for spring break?) and saw two Cubs/Pirates games. The crowd(?) at each game was about 9,000 total, with nearly half Cubs fans. The Cubs won both games and we all went home happy.

I'm hoping for more fun today at Comerica and hope for a happy ride home after the game.

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  1. The Cubs are managing to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory way too often. If Ramirez can get this team back in the hunt it will surprise me tremendously.