Tuesday, June 2, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 9

#71 - Steve Whitaker Whitaker was drafted by the Royals from the Yankees, as you can tell by the black pinstripes.

#72 - Ron Taylor Taylor came to the Mets in 1967, so Topps was somewhat on the ball to get a picture of him at Shea Stadium.

#73 - Johnny Briggs Briggs is in the Phillies home whites at Connie Mack Stadium. There are more pictures taken in Philadelphia that you might think.

#74 - Preston Gomez The former Dodger coach was the first skipper for the Padres. Here he is wearing Dodger blue. Gomez was manager of the Cubs for half of the very forgettable season of 1980 before being fired. He never managed in the big leagues again. Once you've managed the Cubs you are damaged goods and no team wants you!

#75 - Luis Aparicio Little Louie is in the Hall of Fame, but Topps has him hatless. No respect!

#76 - Norm Miller
Posing at Shea is an airbrushed Miller.

#77 - Ron Perranoski The lefty is clearly wearing a Dodger uniform while posing at Shea.

#78 - Tom Satriano Tom's fake bunt is taken at Cleveland Municipal Stadium, another ballpark that shows up every now and then. Its good to see another hitter wearing a helmet

#79 - Milt Pappas Milt is in an Orioles uniform with a patch on the sleeve that was last worn in 1964. Pappas came to the Cubs from the Braves in 1970 and had a few good years.The highlight of his career was with the Cubs in September of 1972 when he threw a no hitter, which was nearly a perfect game (he walked the 27th hitter, before retiring the next man for his no hitter).

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 5
Hatless - 22
Airbrush - 15
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 11


  1. I love the 1969 cards with 5-year-old photos!

  2. Interesting call about how after you manage the Cubs no one else wants you. What do you think Dusty did to the Reds?

  3. The Reds will eventually find out why former Cubs managers should not manage again!